In our American Volume Lashes course the student will learn how to quickly adorn natural eyelashes by applying 3 different extensions to 1 natural lash at a time. These extensions vary in length, texture, and diameter, while adding full, beautiful volume. American Volume Lashes are perfect for clients with fewer lashes or who wish for a feathery, yet natural appearance. 

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Professional Tools & Products

We provide you with a training kit that contains all the best products and supplies you’ll need during your American Volume Extensions course and enough equipment to cover at least 20 treatments, so you can start working as soon as you complete your training at My Luxury Lash.

lash student free kit
  • 1 pair of Isolation Tweezers
  • 1 pair of Curved Tweezers
  • 1 bottle of Glue Primer
  • 6 Volume Lash Trays
  • 1 container of Cream Remover
  • 1 can of Eyelash Cleanser
  • 1 roll of Lash Tape
  • 1 package of Microbrushes (50 brushes)
  • 1 package of Zero Lint Wands (50 applicators)
  • 1 Lash Palette

What Will You Learn In Our American Volume Lash Extension Course?

  • Introduction to American Volume Eyelash Extensions applications
  • Health and safety
  • Hygiene
  • Eyelash extension types
  • Products and equipment
  • Bonding concepts
  • Removing extensions
  • Using eye shapes and lash mapping to style
  • Isolation techniques
  • Lifting techniques
  • Refining techniques
  • Creating 3D American Volume fans
  • Fan perfection techniques
  • Complications with natural lashes
  • Aftercare
  • Working on live models
  • Certificate of completion

Frequently Asked Questions

As one of the leading Eyelash Extensions schools in the United States, we are dedicated to offering the highest quality training at the best possible price. Maintaining a low student-to-teacher ratio is a key part of that commitment, along with giving our students access to the best tools, products, and post-training support from their tutors.

Our American Volume Extensions training course includes 1 day of face-to-face class time where you’ll work directly with our certified trainers.

One of the most important aspects of our American Volume Extensions classes is the opportunity to practice on live models. These sessions take place under strict trainer supervision and have a low student-to-trainer ratio to ensure personalized instruction.

You will receive ongoing support and access to online resources before, during, and after your American Volume Extensions training. Once the course has finished, your trainer will continue to provide support as you take your first steps in the beauty industry.

American Volume Extensions training with My Luxury Lash costs $900 for a 1 day course.

American Volume Lash Extensions are in-demand treatments that can provide an excellent living for those who complete our training course. Rates for American Volume Lash Extensions sessions average $100-$375 for a procedure that lasts 45 min.-3 hrs. That means you can make an excellent living while working a flexible schedule.

Available American Volume Course Dates

Live Training

Salt Lake City, UT  – October 13-15